Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

How to Be a Good Public Speaker

'm going to share with you how to be a good public speaker. I used to be pretty bad at the whole speech game. I would get up in front of the audience and I would scared out of my mine. I didn't know how to present, be effective or persuade. I'm happy to say, I learned.
When you start out a speech, you're really starting before you ever say anything. It is that initial body language that speaks to the crowd. Standing tall is all it takes to appear confident in front of them. You're going to face the challenge of explaining why you're up there and excite about it. This can be very tough for most people. The opening sentence is one of the most important things. You need to be bold. You need to be passionate. You need capture the audience's attention. This is why you need to dedicate a proper amount of time to develop a great opener and that is one of the ways how to be a good public speaker.
At this point, you should be into your speech. Don't hide behind the podium. It isn't something there to protect you. The audience sees it as you hiding behind it. It is okay to leave the comfort of the podium and move around a bit. Remember, that your base camp is the podium and return there at necessary times, but it's okay to move around. That is how to be a good public speaker, you get moving and you have your audience following you at all times with their eyes.
The end of a speech is just as important as the first sentence. You've now reached the end and you have to tell your audience what they're supposed to do. Naturally, you conclude what you've been talking about. The last few sentences should be a call to action for the listener. The last thing floating around in the audience's mind is what they should be doing with the information you gave.

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